Healthy food isn’t necessarily more expensive than junk food, according to a new government report.

Bittman was all over this months ago and I certainly agree.

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Don’t worry about ‘American decline’

A couple things in this one stand out for me…

If American preeminence relies on the continued immiseration of Brazil, China and India, then, even in the most selfish terms, I’m not sure that it’s worth having. Yet it seems that some Americans would prefer to be the only superpower in hell than the foremost member of a more prosperous G20 in heaven.”


The problems associated with expansive global economic growth are real, but they’re problems in the context of an improving world. Conversely, if the BRICs can’t rise out of poverty, and Europe and Japan can’t right their economies, that’s a worse world beset by problems we may not be able to solve. Those who yearn for a form of American preeminence that can only exist due to economic stagnation elsewhere really do not know what they’re talking about.”

Twitter's 'slippery slope' isn't one

The first intelligent response I’ve seen today to the “no f*cking sh*t” non-news.

Traditional Marriage: One Man, Many Women, Some Girls, Some Slaves

Some more real history, as opposed to the made up type we get to continually hear from certain directions, on the subject of “traditional” marriage.

Law experts challenge Virginia lawmaker Bob Marshall on 'sodomy is not a civil right' comment

Getting witness all forms of bigotry and ignorance amongst our various elected officials lately.

What do Republicans mean when they say ‘spending-driven debt’?

If you break it down by policies, the term becomes even more absurd. The single largest debt-producing policy passed since 2001 was the Bush tax cuts. It’s followed by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In recent years, the driver has been the economic aftereffects of the financial crisis and, to a lesser extent, the policies, like TARP and the stimulus, that were passed to ameliorate them.”

In one paragraph, a fairly complete statement of why GOP “the debt is a problem, and only we can fix it” is complete and utter cowpie.  One should note that 2 of the top 3 things can be traced to W and the GOP, and the GOP refuses to even acknowledge that the #1 driver of the debt is a driver of the debt at all.

Wonkbook: Will the 2013 debt ceiling be moot?

GOP manufactures false debt problem to further their own political agenda.  One should note that no credible economic house agrees with the GOP Ryan Fantasy budget results, but there’s little doubt as to what all the things scheduled to kick in at the end of the year, and early next year will do.

The economy will tank, but there won’t be a debt problem.  Or, the GOP will succeed in increasing the debt, and everyone will still be unemployed as the debt has nothing to do with unemployment.


Another case where the vast majority of the Tech sites are fairly worthless, as they’re only trolling for a few major headlines of info and regurgitating a worthless superficial analysis.  Not saying whether this is right or wrong, but it does demonstrate an ability to look at what’s there past dumb benchmark results.